ARMAINE YAPYUCO   •   アメイン ヤピュコ

Armaine Yapyuco is a Philippine-based visual artist, lifestyle/travel blogger, and kawaii culture enthusiast. Although with an Architecture background, she is currently delving into the world of creative design, especially with her first love, illustration.

She is also an avid follower of harajuku and gyaru Japanese fashion, which is part of the reason why she usually ends up hoarding on Japanese fashion magazines such as Vivi, CanCam, etc. when given the chance. She is currently highly influenced by street, vintage, and neo-gyaru style, and by fashion models Alisa Ueno, Kiko Mizuhara, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Risa Nakamura.

Having grown up with a strong love for anime, manga, and Japanese culture and fashion, Armaine believes that, if she had a previous life, she probably would have been someone born and raised in Japan. During her free time, she checks on social media updates from her favorite Japanese fashion brands (e.g. WEGO, Swankiss, TOKYO BOPPER, etc.), magazines (e.g. Larme, ViVi, etc.), and models, as well as online updates about Japanese food, Nihongo learning guides, and additional Japan travel info.

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