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Kawaii Box (August 2016) Review & Giveaway!

August 24, 2016

Hi, everyone! I’ll be sharing something very different from my usual travel posts this time. For this post, I’ll be doing a kawaii (cute) product review! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I know that I’ve been sharing mostly about my travels recently, but this time, I wanted to share a different side of me–that is, my kawaii culture enthusiast side. ♥

I was fortunately given the opportunity to review the Kawaii Box for the month of August! Thank you so much to Kawaii Box for this opportunity!


For those of you who don’t know, Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box wherein they send a box filled with a carefully selected mix of Japanese and Korean kawaii products. The box gets shipped at the end of each month, and shipping is absolutely FREE for any location!

Some brands they’ve included in previous Kawaii Boxes are: Rilakumma, Pocky, Hello Kitty, to name a few! Just knowing the names of the brands they’ve included in the past made me excited on what to expect for my own kawaii box. ♥


After a few weeks, my package had finally arrived! Although there was a bit of a delay in the shipping due to customs, I was eventually able to get my hands on the package. ♥

I was beyond excited to check out what was inside. But before opening the box, I made a simple few guesses. Judging by the size of the package and the sounds it would make when I’d shake it a little, I was guessing that maybe a keychain, or a notepad was inside? Anyway, let’s find out!


This is how the box looks like when you open the lid. I found it cute that they left unboxing instructions under the lid. The bits of items peeking inside also tempted me to just rummage through the box, but nope! I had to restrain myself so that I could enjoy going through every single item properly. haha!


Document. Share. Smile! ♥


The first thing you see on the pile of items is this “Thank You” card. I briefly peeked at the back of the card, but I noticed that it was actually a list of all the items inside, so I had to swiftly put the card away (for now) to avoid any spoilers! haha!


1. Tohato Caramel Corn

The first item was this pack of Tohato Caramel Corn chips. Without reading the text, I actually thought it was like those cheese puffs snacks (obviously, I was wrong! haha!). I’m actually not much into chips and snacks, but I found the packaging really cute with the face doodle and all! I think my sister was eyeing this when I opened it, so I’ll probably give this one to her later on! 😀



2. Round Neko Plush Charm

Next up is this adorable plush charm! I was a bit confused about the shape, cause it looked like it had a fin at the back, but judging by the face, I’ll just have to say it’s a cat! haha! Cute, nonetheless! I really like the color too–a nice cool pastel shade. ♥



3. Cute Animal Pill Case

When I saw this item from afar, I got pretty psyched cause I actually need one of these! I’ll actually be leaving for a trip to Japan soon, so this will come in handy for all the medicine I’ll be bringing along. Instead buying a generic-designed one, I’m glad I got this cute animal design instead! ♥



4. Kawaii Jump Rope

I’ve been doing a bit more cardio work out lately. I haven’t really considered jump rope exercises, but now that I have this, I’ve started to consider it. haha! And, I get to do jump rope exercises while being kawaii. ♥ I really like the vibrant colors on the rope part, since I’ve been having this thing for glitters and hologram motifs lately, so this is just perfect! ♥


5. Fruit Day Card Case

The first thing that attracted me to this item was the watermelon print! I find it very cute and quirky. ♥ Although, I couldn’t tell what it was at first–I initially thought that, from afar, it looked a coaster (I failed to see the flap part). Upon closer inspection, it’s actually a card case! I think this will be useful during for my trip to Japan this week. I’ll probably be using it for my train card, so that I can easily identify it among the other cards in my wallet!



6. Kawaii Comb

With my makeup always with me, I think that bringing a tiny comb will also be very convenient. I actually have a more generic-designed comb in my makeup kit, but who says I can’t amp up the kawaii-ness with this cute comb?? When I showed this to my sister, she instantly thought that it could be a cute comb to use on our beagle, Roxy. haha! I guess it’s because she noticed the animal design first. (I’m kind of thinking now that it could actually be used for her, though… hmm.)

7. Doodle Gel Pen

This is actually my favorite item out of all the items in the box! I think it’s because of the quirky planet design done in doodle style. I have this thing for outer space/galaxy elements, so I was really attracted to the design of this pen! I think I’ll be using this pretty frequently, mainly because I’m so biased towards the design. ♥



8. Coris Soft Candy Stick

If you know me personally, you’d know that I’m quite the sweet tooth. haha! I was actually more excited to try out this candy as compared to the caramel corn one. I like that it’s also in fruit flavors, since I quite enjoy mi chewy fruit-flavored candy. Got pretty psyched that this one came in berry flavor too! ♥



9. Hearts & Bows Stickers; Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers

When I saw this, I instantly remembered my friends who love to do journaling/scrapbooking (and thus, love to hoard on stickers! haha!). I also remembered those cute harajuku-esque makeup looks wherein they put those bits of glitter as decors near the eyes. ♥ I don’t really do journaling, but I think I could possibly use the jewelry seals in the future for some kind of harajuku look. For the hearts and bows, I’ve yet to figure out where they fit best in my planners/notebooks/etc.! ♥



10. Pusheen Sleep Mask

This is probably the top competitor in favorites pitted right against that Doodle Gel Pen! I instantly remembered my sister when I saw this cause she absolutely loves Pusheen. I mean, who doesn’t, right??

Anyway, I was actually pretty ecstatic when I saw this, since I’ll be leaving for Japan this week. This will be perfect for the plane ride to and from! I’ve also been meaning to get a sleep mask for my travels for quite some time now, so this is just perfect!



And that’s the last of the items in the box! When you reach the bottom of the pile, you will find some cards with additional messages and promotions. Apparently, if you share Kawaii Box with friends, you’ll get $5 dollars to put towards your next order! So, if you’re planning to subscribe, I suggest you mention it to your friends too, so you can get your hands on this nifty promo!

Also, if you share your Kawaii Box with #KawaiiBox, you can get a chance to win a Kawaii Megabox worth over $100! So, again, if you’re planning to subscribe, don’t forget to share your Kawaii Box with the hashtag #KawaiiBox! ♥


So, now’s your chance to get your very own Kawaii Box! ♥ All you have to do is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget. The lucky winner will be randomly selected, and will then be contacted by the Kawaii Box team.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!! ♥

*Kindly note that any customs/additional fees for this giveaway will not be under the responsibility of me, the blogger. Shipping is entirely under the responsibility of the Kawaii Box team.

*FTC: This kawaii box in this blog post was given to me for free for review by Kawaii Box. No monetary compensation has been given for this blog post. Any opinion on this blog post is entirely my own. For full disclosure details, please refer to the disclosure policy page.

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