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Products That Help Maintain My Bleached Blonde Hair

January 26, 2016

Deciding to go blonde can be quite the jump for anyone born with naturally dark-colored hair. Being someone from the same boat, I had to go through a TON of research before I actually came to a final decision. I learned that there were actually several factors that you need to consider, such as understanding chemicals, do’s and don’ts, budgeting, knowing your skin’s sensitivity, etc. before being absolutely sure that you want to have your hair bleached. BUT, I won’t be going into detail about that–save it for a different blog post! What I want to talk to you about is when you’ve already gotten past the stage of initial research, and want to find a way to keep your already-bleached hair “healthy.”


I am an not a hair expert/cosmetologist/etc. (disclaimer!), but I noticed that a lot of my friends who want to go blonde (or have just recently gone blonde) ask me about several factors about how I got my hair to this color, or about my hair maintenance routine/processes, etc. (Thank you to those friends, by the way, for thinking that I am reliable for this! lol. I guess that means my hair looks plenty healthy enough?? 8D) And, to give a bit of a background, I think it’s been two years since I’ve first gotten my hair bleached blonde (that was around year 2014, I think?), so, I’m not saying I’m the most credible source, BUT, I can say that I have had tons experience with this hair, so my words of advice wouldn’t be entirely useless! (lol!) So anyway, I’ll be giving you guys a quick run-down of several products I rely on for my hair maintenance routine.

Before anything else (disclaimer part 2!), I would like to mention that my suggestions and opinions are only based on my personal experience and my own research, so I don’t want to guarantee you anything in as much as a hair expert can! Also, I would like to say that these tips do not necessarily make your bleached blonde hair “healthier,” because, in reality, bleaching hair in itself is already VERY damaging. Please do take good note of that!

Okay, so let’s start!

A product that frequently pops up whenever I research about hair maintenance is the hair mask. Apart from reading about this from research, my hairstylists at the salon I usually go to (Creations by Lourd Ramos) also mention this to me a lot, since I mainly go to them to have my hair bleached.


Applino x Hello Kity Extreme Moist Repair Hair Mask

A brand I’ve grown to like, and use mostly when I want my hair to look “extra special” (lol) is the Applino x Hello Kitty collaboration hair mask that I purchased in Japan last June, 2015. I say that I only use this on “special occasions,” because I have another more generic brand that I use more often for “less special days.” lol!


It also has the pleasant fresh apple scent! ♥

A hair mask is basically a moisturizing treatment for damaged hair. (Think of it like a conditioner, but with stronger effects!) I tend to use this every other day, but it highly depends on the kind of hair mask you’ve purchased. Some are meant to be used daily, but some are “heavier” and more concentrated in such that you will only need to use them maybe once a week. Make sure to take note of this in the product packaging, because, if you feel like your hair has become too greasy after applying and washing off the hair mask, and if you feel like it’s weighing your head down more than usual, then you might have been using the hair mask meant for once-a-week use.

In continuation to that, another popular hair mask would be argan oil hair masks. They tend to be a bit more expensive, but the results are well worth it! Similarly, it’s a deep moisturizing treatment for damaged hair. I find that the SKALA brand I use is a bit “heavier” and more dense on the hair, so I usually use this just once a week. Otherwise, I would use a conditioner product from recommended brands for more frequent use.


SKALA Professional Moroccan Argan Oil

It is recommended that people with bleached hair do not wash their hair every day because it will become more damaging for your hair. You want your hair’s natural oil to rebuild your damaged hair, so washing your hair everyday could slow that down. That is why I would recommend purchasing some dry shampoos (yes, they do exist!). A popular and reliable brand would be batiste.


They have dry shampoos specially catered for brunettes, up until blondes. This is because the kind of spray you use will leave certain residual colors on your hair. This is also why I would recommend this for blondes, since most of their dry shampoos are meant to be used by people with light-colored hair.

I know that they do not sell this in local drug stores in the Philippines, but I believe there are several online stores that sell the classic/original version. I was able to purchase some scented versions during my trip to Dubai last late December (2015) up to early January (2016), so I’m not too sure if you’ll be able to find these on local online stores. Despite the fact that the scented versions smell AMAZING (party in my nose omg), I find that the classic/original versions smell just as good, so you could try purchasing those as well!


Batiste Dry Shampoos (L: Fruity and Cheeky Cherry; R: Pretty and Opulent Oriental)

And, as a final bonus, I just wanted to mention a benefit to going blonde! Once you’ve settled and gotten used to your own maintenance routine, then the fun begins with playing with colors! ♥ (I guess this is why the saying goes, “blondes have more fun!”)

I highly recommend Manic Panic products if you plan to dye your hair in other tones. They’re semi-permanent vegan dyes that hardly do any damage to your hair. The fun thing about being blonde is that you can overlap almost any dye color onto your light-colored hair!

I believe you can purchase this brand of hair dye in several local online stores (but not in any local drug store :c). The colors I like usually run out though. So, when I get the chance during my travels, I purchase the colors that I rarely get the opportunity to buy when I try to search for them in online stores in the Philippines–some of which are cotton candy pink, and purple haze.


An obviously over-used Cotton Candy Pink Manic Panic dye! xD + Manic Panic’s Purple Haze

So, these are the main products I frequently use, and would consider my “life savers” for my blonde hair. (lol!) I don’t really have a specific schedule for when I use them, so I cannot really recommend you anything very specific. It will also highly depend on your lifestyle and your day-to-day activities, so coming up with your own hair schedule depending on the kind of product you’ve purchased will be entirely up to you.

As for me, I don’t do much outdoor activities, so I don’t really need to frequently use my hair masks. If, for example, I’ve already just washed my hair the day prior, I end up just using a dry shampoo on the day itself, if I need to go out, instead of washing my hair again, as it will become even more damaging for my hair. Well, that’s just an example to give you an idea! I hope this was able to help you out, one way or another!

I’d appreciate it if you guys have any other recommendations regarding bleached blonde hair maintenance products, and you could mention them to me down at the comments below. Thanks!♥

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