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Pink Winter Sun

December 22, 2011

I had a mini photo shoot with Abby just a few days ago in Alabang. It’s been so long since we’ve last seen each other! I think it’s been about three to four years?

When we last hung out, we had a photo shoot about some school boy/school girl/teacher theme with Aissa and Mikey. And now, after like how many years, we get to meet up by having a photo shoot again!

This shoot was somewhat planned and somewhat spontaneous cause we’ve been meaning to have a shoot during our Christmas break, but we only crammed the details till the day before the shoot. We chatted online about last-minute pegs, wardrobe, makeup, etc. We didn’t even get to plan out the venue! All we knew was that we were gonna shoot somewhere in Alabang! We ended up using her car as a changing room!

Anyway, here are some photos from the shoot we had:

While planning for the shoot the night before, I asked my sister if I could borrow her blonde wig. Apparently, she was going to surprise me with a new long pink wig for Christmas! She gave it to me in advance since she knew I could use it for my shoot! Yay! ♥ So, during the shoot, Abby and I were debating among ourselves if we should use the blonde wig or the pink wig on her, but I really thought that the pink wig suited her, so we decided to go with the pink wig!

It’s almost convincing enough to believe that she naturally has pink hair!

Despite all the insects and mosquitoes attacking us during the shoot, Abby and I stayed determined to get those shots taken! The lighting was so perfect that time, so we decided to sacrifice our legs for the sake of art!

Model: Abby Castelo
Makeup Artist: Abby Castelo
Wardrobe: Abby Castelo, and Armaine Yapyuco
Photography: Armaine Yapyuco

(c) armaine yapyuco 2011

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